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ITC SRA News - July 2017

Annual Gradation Test - 2017

The Scholars of ITC Sangeet Research Academy went through a process of intense assessment and self-evaluation recently. The Gradation, organised annually by the Academy to determine the levels of progress of every student, is a comprehensive process of judging the development of every Scholar. The panel of examiners comprising the Gurus of the Academy was enhanced by the presence of Ashwini Bhide Deshpande for Vocal Music and Pandit Tejendra Narayan Majumdar for Instrumental Music. Both the musicians have been involved in the examination process of the Academy and concern themselves with the welfare of the Scholars on a continual basis. Assessing the learning and providing detailed feedback to the students is an important part of the pedagogical environment of the institution. The challenges that are put before the Scholars are compounded by the intimidating panel of Gurus before whom they must perform within a stipulated time even while following all the rules of Raga, gayaki, taal and performance traditions. The participation and the shared responsibility of Gurus and students in the display of knowledge and dedication make it a mutually beneficial process. Goals are set for Scholars which are to be discussed with their Gurus so as to determine and the path ahead for both. The Gradation process in ITC Sangeet Research Academy provides the map for the journey of each student and teacher.

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