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Anol Chatterjee

Anol Chatterjee

Born on January 1, 1984, Anol Chatterjee was initially guided by his parents and Sri Biswanath Chowdhury and continued his training under Sri Ajit Chakraborty, Smt Chandana Chakraborty and Sri Shantanu Bhattacharya respectively.

He has been a student of Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty since the year 2000 and was a scholar under him at ITC SRA between December 2008 and May 2009. A graduate in English Literature with a Masters in Vocal Music, he has received a National Scholarship, stood first in several well-known music competitions and has performed creditably at several reputed venues all over the world. He has also worked as a guest artiste and lecturer in Leeds College of Music, UK. Anol also trains young talented students at Shrutinandan, Kolkata.

Anol, who has an album to his credit, has also established a music institution, `Aalaap`, where almost 200 students learn Indian music throughout its branches in Kolkata, Asansol, Agartala and New Delhi.

Following is an excerpt of his performance at ITC SRA, where he was accompanied by Pandit Swapan Mukherjee on tabla and Smt. Rupashree Bhattacharya on harmonium.


Select Artist Name Gharana Raga Structure Duration Action
Anol Chatterjee Rageshri 32.15

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